Getting had in CO Springs…..Gods Country

Well, shit where do I start with this one? I became single out of the blue, and the weather was surprisingly nice for the first day of November. So the … Continue reading

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Fall 2012

Fall in Denver is the best season of them all. Winter last about 2 months, than spring comes and last for a while(its windy as hell, and snows at random … Continue reading

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Leftovers From One Hot Summer

As the cold is starting to set in, and were all beginning to accept that winter is here . We beg for those dog days of summer to grace our … Continue reading

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Banking at Mrachek

Our good friend James “MONEY” Merills came into town for a week or so, and was itching to blade all the classier¬†spots the land had to offer while he was … Continue reading

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UMS weekend july 19th – 22nd

the underground music showcase(UMS) is one of denver’s ¬† many summer events. I for one, feel it is the best weekend of the summer; and I’m sure there are many … Continue reading

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welcome to the renferlife

the people of renferlife enjoy the finer things in life: riding our bikes from one end of city to the other, staying out until the wee hours of the evening; … Continue reading

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